My Aunt Brenda

Somewhat recently, it was discovered that my Aunt Brenda had a malignant brain tumor that the doctors were able to remove.  However, they were not able to get rid of her stage 4 brain cancer.  She has been fighting through it and is undergoing chemotherapy.  It has been extremely difficult on our family.  It is amazing how inspirational it is to be around her with her constantly positive attitude and determination to, as she puts it, “kick this cancer out of me.”  Every picture, other than the first, one have been taken on camera phones and sent to me while I’m at school since I am unable to be there with her.  I plan on going to Nashville, TN at the end of the school year to spend time with her and the rest of my family.

My Aunt Brenda and I at my high school graduation party, before finding out about the tumor or the brain cancer.My Aunt Janine, the hairstylist, doing my Aunt Brenda's hair after she got home from the hospital in order to cover the incision and work around where the doctors had to shave.

Aunt Brenda in the hospital after undergoing brain surgery and getting her tumor removed. All the doctors are amazed at how upbeat she is. Her nickname is "The Hulk" and here, she is already flexing.

My grandpa with Aunt Brenda. Members of the family have been making trips to Nashville around the clock.

Aunt Janine doing Aunt Brenda's hair to try and hide the incision marks and area the doctors had to shave.

Relaxing with the prayer shawl given to her by her church.

Starting physical therapy! The doctors are still amazed at how much she is able to do.

Uncle Larry, Jacob, Colin, Zoe, and Aunt Brenda

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